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Create an Estate Plan with Plant City Estate Attorneys

While few people like to talk about planning for a time when they’re no longer here, creating a will and estate plan is something that every adult should do so that their heirs and loved ones are able to carry out your specific wishes without getting caught up in family squabbles. This is particularly important for parents with minor or young adult children, though few think of obtaining even a basic will with guardianship provisions, so that their children will be protected in the event of an unexpected accident or illness. Planning for the needs of grandchildren who may lack the ability to handle a significant inheritance is also a need that is frequently overlooked. Taking the time to plan out your estate will also help preserve the wealth that you’ve built, allow it to be used as you’d like and protect it from unnecessary taxes.

Why Should You Work with Herman and Herman Attorneys at Law?

As one of the major practice areas that we work with, and an area that Harley Herman frequently teaches to attorneys at legal seminars estate planning, will and trust creation and helping families through the probate process is something we do on a regular basis. We stay up-to-date on the latest laws and understand how they affect your estate.
Unlike taking a do-it-yourself route and creating legal documents online, when you work with us you know that your documents are in line with local and state laws and that they’re valid and will hold up in court. It’s hard to know whether or not the homemade ones that are done with software or online will be valid in the future. Regrettably, when an estate planning document is finally tested by submission to a probate court, it is too late to revise or correct errors that would not be evident at the time of signing to anyone but an experienced wills, trust and probate attorney.
Among the legal services we offer are:

  • Wills or Trusts– Creating a document that thoroughly outlines how you want your assets to be disbursed following your death is one of the most loving things you can do for them. This document may need to be updated periodically though for many clients a simple will will stand the test of time. If you pass on without a will, the state’s plan for your estate may differ from what you had in mind,
  • Estate Plans– Everyone with assets and dependents should have an estate plan so that their final wishes are carried out completely. Additionally you will want to include directives for power of attorney and end-of-life care and issues so that your family isn’t burdened with decisions while they’re going through an emotional time.
  • Probate– This need not be a time consuming and complex process, if you receive the advice and guidance of an experienced attorney. During probate the deceased person’s property is identified creditors and beneficiaries are determined and then the property is distributed according to the will.

Work with Herman and Herman Attorneys at Law

Whether you need legal assistance to deal with the estate of a loved one who has recently passed away or if you’re ready to create documents to make it easier on your loved ones when you pass on, we’re here to help you. At Herman and Herman we’ll create a customized will and estate plan specific to your needs. As time goes on, if your situation or circumstances change, we can help you revise your documents to reflect the changes.