Law Office of Herman and Herman, PA

Legal needs don’t come in simple packages that only need care from 9 -5 on weekdays.  At Herman and Herman, our decades of legal practice have taught us that being available when you need us is more important than keeping set hours and closing our doors nights, weekends or holidays.  While early and advance planning is preferable, we also know that most clients deal with routine matters on their own, but can find themselves in a legal crisis because something simple turned complicated or a minor matter became a major calamity.  Our practice is designed to accommodate last-minute needs and unexpected problems.  Sometimes even the worst problem has an unexpected solution.  Other times, legal experience allows us to turn lemons into lemonade.  When possible, we will find the quickest, simplest and least expensive route to resolving legal problems.  When hard, aggressive action is necessary, we will stay in your corner until a legal problem becomes a legal solution.