Law Office of Herman and Herman

During his over 40 years of practicing law, Harley Herman has always understood the lessons learned when his parents created and ran their own small businesses, including their reluctance in both their personal and business affairs, to use lawyers when simple services could have avoided and prevented the need for much more involved and expensive legal needs.  It is our goal to be easily accessible and provide clear and understandable legal advice about your rights and the options available to address your legal needs.  When less expensive alternatives will effectively accomplish your goals, we will always offer those services.

Our community’s recent experience with Covid-19 has demonstrated why it is essential that everyone have basic care and estate documents in place including a Health Care Surrogate , a Will and for some a Power of Attorney.  If your will is over five years old, it is also a good time to have our office review your will and any other estate planning documents, as recent changes to Florida law make justify a revision of these documents. As a service to our community at this time, Harley Herman is offering his services in preparing wills and health care directives at significantly discounted fees. Harley Herman is also offering these services to first responders and health care providers for a nominal charge. He is available daily, evenings and weekends at 813-704-6892.