Client Reviews

I am so grateful for Mr. Herman’s kindness and help.

I wanted to thank Mr. Harley Herman for his kindness, understanding and expert knowledge in helping me with a trust litigation matter. I am an attorney in south Florida who was in a very difficult situation and not knowing how to proceed (or should I say not proceed). Mr. Herman was so terrific in discussing Service of Process Rules and Civil Procedure Rules; discussing what motion would be most appropriate to protect my clients and myself; providing me with a form; discussing the actual Rule and in what circumstances the motion would be allowed by the Court.

Mr. Harley Herman went above and beyond the call of being a wonderful attorney in my time of need – and I am so grateful for his guidance, prompt correspondence back to assist me and his expert knowledge of the law. Mr. Harley Herman is truly a scholar and a gentleman and the law profession should be honored to have someone with such outstanding excellent character as Mr. Harley Herman!! Thank you again I am so grateful for your kindness and help.

- (5 star review)


I have known Harley for some years and found him to be an excellent lawyer. I have worked with him in presenting seminars and have learned a lot from him.He is very experienced.

- (5 star review)

Very Professional, Prompt Response, Knowledgeable, Caring Attorney, “Get the Job Done!”

Attorney Herman took our “complicated” case and simplified it. We had a case in which my step-siblings (paternal) and maternal children wanted to sell a Florida property that was an inheritance to all of us by our parents (biological mother and step-dad). This was both our parents’ second marriage. The first attorney complicated the matter by including people who were not privy to my loving mother’s Will and requested documentation that was not needed. This caused a lot of confusion for maternal biological children and in-law not privy to the maternal parent’s Will. Meanwhile, the step-siblings (step-dad) had to wait until the maternal biological children legal matters were resolved before putting the house back on the market. Needless to say, we lost four buyers while trying to resolve the confusion and we later learned the title company did not have all the facts. As personal representative for mother and agreement with biological children, I fired the disrespectful and cruel attorney. I hired Attorney Herman and have been extremely pleased with his services. He listened to my concern as personal representative for loving mother wishes (since maternal mother survived my step-dad). Certified legal documents were provided to Attorney Herman. Right from the beginning, step-siblings and biological children were in agreement to sell the Florida property. Now, the house is back on the market and we have a clear title to sell. All maternal “true beneficiaries” and step-siblings are happy!

- (5 star review)