Covid19 services

While Covid 19 brought new challenges to our provision of services and the services available through our local courts, Herman and Herman has remained available to serve your legal needs, both in person and by Internet, phone conferences, mail and email communications and transmission of documents.  The often sudden onset of Covid-19  reminds us it is essential that everyone have a Will and a Health Care Surrogate (HCS) executed and on file with your primary physician with copies to the relatives named in your (HSC) who may be called upon, if you are unable to communicate with your health care providers during your care. (The HSC provides for assistance while living under any health circumstance where you are unable to communicate your wishes, as contrasted with a Living Will that states your wishes if you are in an end-of-life terminable condition.)

This is also the time to review your will and any other estate planning documents (such as the designation on accounts of whom a bank or similar account will pass to, if you are not living) , or to prepare a will if you do not have one.   While attorneys can proceed with an estate through the courts if there is no will, a will simplifies the process of any probate matters that may be required and make any expense involved substantially lower than when there is no will.

Stay safe and be reassured, we will survive this time and prosper when all of this ends.  In the early days of my 43 years of practicing law, I met with and provided services to many retirees who had lived through and survived the Great Depression.  They were some of greatest and wisest clients I had the privilege to serve.  We are their descendants and we will make them proud!

Harley Herman, Attorney at Law