Small Business Formation

Why you need A Plant City Incorporation and Small Business Formation Attorney

You’ve decided to open a new business or expand an existing one. Maybe you are adding a partner or investor. While the basic forms for creating a corporation or LLC are available through Florida’s Secretary of State, without the need to pay for even a do-it-yourself incorporation or LLC service, it’s what you do after and before your charter is issued that often makes or breaks a small business or gives rise to litigation or personal legal liability that could have been avoided with proper legal advice prior to or right after applying for a corporate or LLC charter, or entering into a partnership. Many small and family-owned business fall victim to legal liability traps, because other than submitting annual reports to the State of Florida, owners and managers never prepare any required corporate or LLC documents or comply with corporate or LLC formalities. This can cause personal liability, even if you close the business. Any of these situations, and many more, require the help of a trusted small business attorney

How A Plant City Small Business Incorporation and LLC Attorney Can Help You

There are many planning decisions and issues that may arise in a new or existing business which require the assistance of a legal professional. Harley Herman understands what it’s like to be a small business owner because he has been part of family businesses since childhood, owns and operates his law firm and several business corporations and LLC’s and has dealt with most of the same issues that every other business owner faces. His 40 years of legal experience will help when these issues that arise, both as your plan a new venture or deal with day to day business operations For a consultation to discuss your needs, contact Harley Herman today to learn how he can help you.